Executive Candidates

Umer Farooq

for President

The coming year is going to be a tough one for both science students as well as the University of Alberta as a whole and with this coming hardship, the ISSS needs a leader who can not only be authoritative in advocating on their behalf but one who has a wide range of experience so that he/she may effectively negotiate so that students can get the most out of their undergraduate experience. I am confident that I am the leader the ISSS needs to be an effective organization due to my experiences as a SU Science Councillor as well as a Councillor on GFC (the University equivalent of Council) which has given me the ability to build closer relationships with the SU (in order to have a more united front) as well as experience in negotiation. Additionally as the chair of the Audit Committee (a committee that deals with over $1 million and all FA finances) I have an intimate knowledge of every FA and what events work and which do not, so that science students can get the best out of their fees. Lastly, my experience as a business man gives me the skills to not only effectively coordinate and elevate the VP portfolios but also to negotiate with relevant bodies, so that we can build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our peers and faculty.

Alex Kwan

for VP Academic

My name is Alex Kwan, and I am a first year Neuroscience student running to be your next Vice President Academic. More importantly, through my experiences on the ISSS this year, I am going to further enhance your undergraduate experience.

In the upcoming year as executive, I hope to continue to maintain our strong relationships with the Faculty of Science. With ongoing discussions for tuition increase, it is important that a consistent dialogue is maintained between the stakeholders involved—especially, the students. Additionally, another major focus for the upcoming year is to strengthen advertisement for the excellent academic services offered by ISSS through additional class talks and advanced planning. Lastly, I hope to work with other student organizations next year to investigate new ways in which ISSS can better serve the science undergraduate community.

For more information on how I will achieve these goals, please visit my Facebook page.

Charles Lewis

for VP Admin and Finance

Hey everyone, I’m Charles Lewis and I am going to make this as succinct as I can. The biggest underlying current to my campaign is to be fiscally responsible rather than fiscally conservative. What is the difference you may ask? Fiscal conservatism is what allows us to run such large surpluses as we have in these past years. While these surpluses have allowed the ISSS to accumulate a very nice buffer of emergency money, I believe it to be irresponsible to not use that money more effectively. I see it as the responsibility of the ISSS to run smaller surpluses so that we are contributing the utmost we can to our members. I want to tackle this issue as your VP Admin and Finances going into the 2015-2016 year, and hope to set a new precedent for the ISSS.

Grace Lee

for VP Community

Success is achieved when a body of brilliant minds come together. Let me guide you, and I will help you unravel your true potential.

– Grace

Victor Do

for VP Programming

Hi Fellow Science Students,

My name is Victor Do and I am running to be your VP Programming on ISSS!

I think the ISSS does a great job overall as our faculty association but with established funding through SCI 5 and many years of operation under our belt it’s time to go big and be BOLDER! I will work to implement new initiatives that will provide more opportunities and support for student wellness. As a faculty association we are not doing enough with to support students’ mental and physical health. I have the experience and track record to bring forward a comprehensive agenda, working with executive and council and external groups like Recreation Services to increase our support of student well-being.

Science week is a great initiative with many events that benefit all students but why shouldn’t we have resource fairs, seminars and fun challenges throughout the year? Finally I support creativity in empowering science students to be more involved through internal volunteer and outreach opportunities. Please support by campaign!


Hammad Shaikh

for VP Services

I’m running for the Vice President Services (VPS) position with the ISSS. I have been involved with the ISSS for the past year as the Director of Fac-Off, playing a key role in the planning and execution of Fac-Off, an interdepartmental competition that occurs during Science Week. My involvement with the ISSS and numerous other organizations has equipped me with the tools necessary to succeed as VPS.

If elected as VPS, my objective is to promote and enhance the services the ISSS offers, including at-cost printing, used book sales locker rentals and CCIS study space. By enhancing the services and raising awareness around what the ISSS has to offer, I would like to manifest the intrinsic role the ISSS plays in the lives of science students and to maximize the benefit the services have on the undergraduate science community.

I will also ensure transparency and accountability of the ISSS are maintained. I aim to safeguard the interests of the undergraduate science community by promoting student involvement in the everyday workings of the ISSS and providing students with a voice to express their concerns and discontent.

Sara Jawdat

for VP Academic

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Jawdat, and I am a third year student majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English. I was the VP Academic this past Spring/Summer, and I am running again to hopefully continue to represent the undergraduate Faculty of Science students. Having a great relationship with the Faculty of Science is crucial to being able to advocate for science students and I hope to continue to ensure that this remains the norm.

Karamveer Lalh

for VP Administration and Finance

My name is Karamveer Lalh, and I am a third year General Sciences Student majoring in Biological Sciences. The position of VP Administration and Finance is a position with a large responsibility and an important mandate. The position requires an individual who is responsible and maintains transparency. I have served on both the Constitutional Review Committee for ISSS and as a DIE (Discipline, Interpretation, and Enforcement) Board Tribune with the General Students’ Council, as well as with several other volunteer groups and positions over the past several years. I believe that in these positions, I have demonstrated the ability to be both responsible and transparent in my dealings, and that makes me an excellent candidate.

Habba Mahal

for VP Community

I’m Habba Mahal, a second year science student, and I am hoping to be your next Vice President Community. Through my leadership experience, as well as my consistent community involvement, I hope to strengthen the bonds between science students and their community!
My main goal is to broaden the science network by encouraging collaboration with different associations and organizations. I believe communication is key, so I will consistently gather feedback about how best to serve you.
In the upcoming year as executive, I hope to increase communication by increasing circulation of The Current, the ISSS’s monthly newsletter, as well as garnering more funding for it. Another major focus for me in the upcoming year is increasing volunteer opportunities for science students so that you can make a stronger connection to your Faculty while gaining valuable experience and skills. Finally, I will work to increase advertisement for everything that ISSS does through increased social media presence and targeted marketing strategies.
Please visit my Facebook page for more information on how I will achieve my goals!

Councillor Candidates

Anthony Nguyen

for 3rd Year Councillor

Hello fellow Science students,

If elected as Third Year Councillor, I would work towards  improving schedule-building support, communication between ISSS and Science students, and increasing the amount of resources in CCIS.

Firstly, to improve schedule-building support for Science students, I will implement an online “mind-map” of a large variety of science courses showing what the prerequisite courses are for each course. I am hoping this project will help a lot of new and even current Science students plan out their degrees correctly and not run into troubles later on.

Secondly, I would like to increase the communication between ISSS and all Science students. This is very important because I feel that a lot of Science students miss out on a lot of great opportunities provided by ISSS because of a lack of communication.

Lastly, I would like to increase the amount of microwaves and other resources in CCIS so Science students don’t have to travel to other buildings just to microwave their food.

Javeria Raheem

for 3rd Year Councillor

I am Javeria Raheem. I am a currently a second year Bachelors of Science General student. I have been involved with ISSS as a general volunteer, and a Mini Study Group Mentor in these past two years.

Throughout this experience I have met many students in the faculty of science and realized what some of these students would hope for from their faculty student association. If elected, I would continue to schedule Mini Study Group sessions for more 2nd and 3rd year courses. I believe that having these peer assisted learning session’s helps students with understanding the concepts, or fine-tuning some skills in a friendly and comfortable environment. In addition, I would advocate to increase ISSS events throughout the year such as pancake breakfasts, movie nights and others to help make the semester stress free and enjoyable for everyone. I would be more than willing to answer any questions regarding my platform and would like to hear your thoughts about anything you would be wanting to see changed or added in the upcoming year.

Pasan Arachchige

for 4th Year Councillor

You should vote for me because I am not bringing you lies disguised as promises. All I have to offer is my experiences and skills.

Yonma Elshamy

for 1st Year Councillor

It is inevitable for us to have a long list of uncertainties when we are thrown into a completely new and foreign environment. Especially as first year students, we often feel that it is difficult for us to get our voices and opinions heard; therefore, I would like to take the initiative to help you with that. I want to be able to represent your voice so that no matter who you are, you will still have the opportunity to have a say in the matters that pertain to you. I promise to be extremely dedicated to all the first year science students who I will represent. I have often experienced moments where I have felt disconnected from issues that involve me, and I have decided to change that. Essentially, I am requesting if you would do me the honour of allowing me to represent your ideas, voices and opinions. I promise to demonstrate my hard work, dedication and utmost effort in giving you the best possible first year.

Toni Dimaano

for 1st Year Councillor

My name is Toni. I’m nobody special. I went to school, finished 3 years in high school and got a high school diploma. Everyone does this, and so I can be considered normal. But what starts to set me apart from the rest is that I have decided to enter university and that is just the beginning. Entering science is equal parts excitement and terror, which I am sure is the same for all of us. I hope that by joining the student council, I can connect with all you out there who wishes to do well as a student. By running for 1st year Councillor, I am taking the first step of putting myself out there. I wish to help you, help me, and help us, as fellow students to do well in school. I want to be your friend on campus so please consider me as your representative for ISSS.

Rabail Suahid

for 2nd Year Councillor

Hi! My name is Rabail Shahid and I’m a second year Neuroscience Honors student. I got involved with ISSS as a volunteer during my first year and continued my involvement into my second year as a director. As a counselor, I’d like to improve the some of the services provided by ISSS; mainly locker repairs since we get so many complaints regarding broken lockers over the year. Secondly, I’d also like to increase the amount of money allotted towards the scholarships provided by ISSS so that a larger number of people are able to avail them. Lastly, I’m interested in hearing any ideas that the students would like to propose towards the betterment of the services provided by ISSS or anything else that they feel should be changed on campus for the science students.

William Nwaribe

for 2nd Year Councillor

Andrew Newman

for 3rd Year Councillor

First off I would like to reiterate that as a representative of the third years my primary goal is to be approachable and accountable in voicing the opinions of the collective I represent. This means that no matter the concern, it becomes my concern and my objective to make this known at Council meetings. Next I believe that student life needs to be spruced up with more frequent activities throughout the year. Another part of my platform is that I would like to continue and further the anti-stress support and mental health during finals and midterms as last year I saw the worth in these activities. I would also like to see the emergence of a sense of community for third years. By voting for me you will be assured a Councillor who is dedicated, responsible, and not afraid to voice concerns. It is my passion and drive that will ensure the wellbeing of fellow students.

Ali Qadri

for 4th Year Councillor

My name is Ali Qadri, and I am running for the position of fourth year Councillor. I believe that ISSS is a great organization, and if elected, I will strive for progress in representing, advocating for and serving all Science students.
First, I hope to improve communication within ISSS. I would like to focus on ensuring that Directors and volunteers have the resources, guidance and support to succeed in their portfolios, have a rewarding experience, and are recognized for their efforts.
Second, I hope to improve ISSS’s collaborations with COSSA and external groups on endeavours that benefit Science students.
Finally, I would like to look into ways that ISSS can better inform the science community of its services and events. This is especially important for smaller scale, lesser-known services and events such as ISSS scholarships, committees and social nights.