Aakankshya Kharel – Candidate VP Services

Aakankshya Kharel is a first- year student in General Sciences, with a major in Biological
Sciences and a minor in Psychology. On campus, she volunteers as a tutor and is the VP of
Programming for TBC, a club that aims to spark open ended conversations and foster self-care
among students. Beyond campus, Aakankshya works closely with nonprofit organizations like
WaW to organize events for youth. During the summer, she leads Read-Cycle, a project to
support over 500 newcomers in their pursuit of education and networking. In this academic year,
she has been involved in ISSS as a first year Councilor and a co-director for Locker Services.
Through these roles, she has gained important insight into executive roles and responsibilities.
In the next academic year, she hopes to continue facilitating with the various services provided
by ISSS as the Vice President of Services.