Celine Mayeko-Coklee – Candidate International Student Councillor

My name is Celine Mayeko-Coklee, and I am running to be your international councillor! I am an international student in my second year from the Dutch island of Sint Maarten. I believe that I am a great fit for this position, because I understand what it means to be an international student, and this understanding will allow me to express the needs, and concerns of my fellow international students accurately to the faculty of science. As international councillor, my main
goal would be to host more events geared towards international students, and making their transition to Canada and the faculty of science easier. I think that my creativity, openness, ability to communicate effectively, and organization skills make me an ideal candidate for this position. It would be an honour to be able to represent my fellow international students as international councillor. Thank you for your support, and vote Celine Mayeko-Coklee for international