Liam Raudaschl – Candidate VP Administration & Finance

My name is Liam Raudaschl and I am running to be your VP Admin & Finance. I am a 3 rd year student majoring in biological sciences and the current Director of Internal Relations with the ISSS. From this role, I will bring a set of key interpersonal skills and experience towards working closely with the other executives in order to achieve the financially responsible delivery of high-quality events, resources, and services to science students. The University of Alberta is currently seeing extensive budget cuts and tuition raises, and it is vital to ensure that the ISSS’s financial
resources are used with maximum efficiency.
As your VPAF, I will work hard to increase our funding opportunities and optimize the financial organization of the ISSS. Ultimately, I will ensure that the ISSS budget is refocussed on our core mandate to directly benefit the science student body, emphasizing scholarship and granting opportunities in addition to high-engagement professional, academic, and social events that contribute the most to our community.

Vote for Liam on March 18-19!