Mehul (Nim)Pal – Candidate 3rd year councillor

Hey! Are you one of the countless ISSS students who has no clue what ISSS does? If that’s you, then my name is Mehul, I’m a 2 nd year Neuroscience student, and I’m running to change your answer. When it
comes to my campaign philosophy, you can call me a bit of a revolutionary. Simply look at the dismal microwave condition in CAB to gauge how much ISSS might care about you. Most of us don’t even know what happens to our ISSS fees or what really occurs during council meetings. On top of that, the fact
that pyramid schemes are still allowed to advertise in science buildings is downright disgraceful. I’m fighting to push ISSS in a new direction: accountable, transparent, and student friendly. As your 3 rd year councillor, I’ll make sure ISSS exists not to furnish resumes but instead works actively to improve the experience of undergraduate science students. My platform includes advocating for better microwaves, transparent budget and meeting details, and an informative ISSS newsletter. Science students of the U
of A, unite!