Riya Mangukia – Candidate 3rd year councillor

Tarana Mangukia

Second Year Councillor ISSS 19/20

Director of Finance 19/20

March 9, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

As a Second Year Councillor for the ISSS, I will be running for Third Year Councillor for the academic year of 2020-2020. I believe I have the necessary qualifications and skills needed to excel in this position and uphold the values of ISSS.

A councillor’s duty is to hold the executives accountable for their actions and to accurately represent the needs and motivations of Faculty of Science students which I am confident I will be able to do. As someone you understands and has been significantly impacted by budget cuts to the university’s funding, I relate to the average student well and accurately represent what most concerns them right now: the stress of a university with lacking funds.

Additional to my excellent understanding of the science student body, I have a sincere dedication to the pillars of ISSS and have a drive to ensure they are upheld by the individuals accountable. As someone who understands the importance of accountability, I would like to ensure this is maintained and executed for the sake of our students. Power and authority should always be checked by other individuals who have the drive to better academic and university life. Furthermore, my position will allow me to ensure transparency is maintained in ISSS, something that we have largely worked on this year and should continue to do so in the upcoming one.

As the current Director of Finance under the Administration and Finance portfolio, I know just how affected the ISSS is right now. I understand the situation we are currently in and how to budget ourselves to achieve a sustainable ISSS rather than one that is dependent largely on the SCI-5. Given my previous understanding of the organization and its position in this critical transition period, I would be an informed and knowledgeable councillor who would be able to provide better input to the team that accounts for these changes in a realistic and accurate manner.

Lastly, as an individual who has many interests in the Arts and Business Faculties, I represent the motivations and needs of science students who have interests outside of this Faculty. I will aim to incorporate these students’ interests into our events and newsletter by advocating for collaborations with their faculty associations and clubs.

I hope I am a suitable candidate to run for one of the positions of Third Year Councillor. Thank you for considering me for this position.

Best regards,

Tarana Mangukia