Hi everyone, my name is Jessica, and I am running to be your VP Programming. I have served on
the ISSS this past year as Third Year Councillor, and have held or worked closely with every
directorship on the Programming portfolio over my past two years with the ISSS, so I plan to
bring both experience and innovative ideas to the position during a year full of uncertainty.
My platform aims to put the ISSS first. Literally.
1) ISSSpiration. As VP, I want to run programs that YOU, the students, want. I intend to solicit
all our event ideas from the students.
2) ISSSociation. Staying connected to your peers has become especially critical during this
period of online school. I aspire to build community by creating opportunities for Science
students to mingle online, as well as establish a cohesive team by instigating inter-director
collaboration on projects.
3) ISSSthetic. An impactful social media presence is important for any organization, especially
this year. I plan to publish innovative new content on our Instagram to increase media