Hello, my name is Himasha and I am a 3rd year Biological Sciences student. Every year Science students present the same dissatisfaction in their quality of academic life. They are facing a lack of support, resources and knowledge on being able to solve the issues that they face and do not know where to look for help. That is where I believe the involvement of ISSS is crucial. I believe that ISSS exists to enrich and facilitate a stress free and enjoyable learning experience for all science students, and I am running for 3rd year councillor to ensure that happens. My platform includes making ISSS more accessible to students, where they can relay their concerns, ideas and suggestions without feeling intimidated. I also want to ensure that the objectives of ISSS work towards unifying the student body in a way that builds a sense of community. Lastly, I will always work in the favour of students to ensure that the executive team is accountable for their roles and responsibilities. I have confidence that I will be a positive and valuable addition that best represents your interests.