Aakankshya Kharel – Candidate President

Hello! My name is Aakankshya and I’m a 2 nd year Psychology student running to be your President. I had the pleasure of being your VP Services this year and I
previously served as ISSS’s First Year-Councilor. As your president I will work hard to:
1. Advocate for your needs to the FoS, the SU, and COFA. This will be pertinent in light of ongoing changes surrounding academic restructuring and online classes.
2. Create opportunities for you to input ideas on initiatives that ISSS can begin delivering. Currently, there are only a subset of students regularly engaging
with ISSS. I aim to increase this number by supporting more accessible, diverse and interesting activities. It’s important that ALL science students are confident that their 5$ contribution to the ISSS is a worthwhile investment.
3. Use my previous experience as a council member to strengthen our future council team. The stronger the team, the stronger the implementation of our core mandate. Successfully delivering on our mandate is my ultimate goal.

Please vote on March 17-18 and stay safe!