Brittney Phung – Candidate Second year Councillor

After seeing what the ISSS does, along with the events and activities it puts on, I would love to be part of the team in charge of it all. As a first-year student, I really appreciated how informed I felt from all the resources they shared, and how they tried to engage the students the best they could, especially with everything being online. To be a second-year councillor, I would be in a position to give not only my own views and opinions, but advocate for others as well. I would ensure that everyone’s voices are heard, and that people have as much say in the decision-making process as possible. This year in particular has shown us more than ever how important it is to bring students together, create bonds, and make sure that everyone in the community is well supported. The wellbeing of the university community is something that I deeply care for, and overall, I want to make the ISSS as accessible as possible, as I know that is what we strive for.