Melissa Aikema – Candidate Third year Councillor

Hi! I’m Melissa Aikema, and I am running for a 3rd year councillor position with ISSS. Over the past two years of my undergraduate degree, I have utilized the various services of ISSS, such as their mini-study groups. Wanting to give back to this worthwhile association, I have recently began to serve on the ISSS Finance Committee.

As a fellow science student, I resonate with the struggle of online classes, particularly with the challenge of community-building within our faculty amidst social isolation. If I were to be elected, I would approve of proposals that represent the original mandate of the ISSS; that is, to enrich the undergraduate science experience.

Specifically, I plan to:

To keep an open mind to the proposals made by executive members.
To carefully assess the cost and benefit of new intiatives, with the ultimate goal of adding value to science undergraduates.
To communicate with fellow science students and to represent their opinions in ISSS council meetings by approving worthwhile proposals.