Directors are volunteers with the ISSS that are responsible for managing specific projects. Working closely with Executives, Directors develop, improve and support initiatives, get to learn about the ISSS and interact with other Directors, volunteers and Executives, and at the end of the year, will contribute tangibly and positively to the experience of science students.

Directorship applications open during March. The list of available directorships are listed below, along with the executive portfolio they fall under. You can navigate through the drop-down menus below for descriptions of duties.

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The Director will serve from the date of appointment to the subsequent April 30.  

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Director of Outreach

The Director of Outreach provides administrative support for the President and the ISSS Executive as a whole, as well as other individual Executives as requested by them. Specific duties include managing the general ISSS email account, and coordinating, implementing, and improving the ISSS’s project creation, evaluation, and recruitment processes. They will assist the President in the planning of the Semi-Annual General Meetings. While not required, the selected candidate shall demonstrate strong written communication skills and attention to detail. The Director of Outreach will observe and review the ISSS’s governance structure, highlighting weaknesses that limit growth as well as suggesting amendments that improve the ISSS’s ability to govern. The Director will also campaign to increase student awareness of governance within the Faculty of Science and enlighten science students on what exactly representative roles entail through events such as Science Elections and Governance Days (SEG Days). They will lead the Constitutional Review Committee in a broad and specific discussion of the governing documents of the ISSS. The interested candidate shall demonstrate a keen passion for governance and politics, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work with a team.

Director of Internal

The Director of Internal will spearhead initiatives to create, maintain and improve a positive working environment among the ISSS’s Executive, Councillors, Directors and volunteers.  This includes running the annual house competition, organizing recognition activities, celebrations or social events. The Director will demonstrate energy, the ability to motivate a team, and the understanding of the importance of informal interactions among a team. They will be responsible for managing the Internal Committee and will demonstrate the managerial capacity to support developing leaders. 

VP Academic

Director of Academic Programming

The Director of Academic Programming (DAP) will be implementing programs and organizing events to improve campus community and student experience. The annual Instructor Appreciation Night, coordinated with the Academic Advocacy Team, and smaller events dedicated to encourage students to access campus services available are fielded by the DAP.

Director of Mini Study Groups

The DMSG will recruit and train MSG mentors, create a schedule for each semester’s sessions, and recruit students for the program. The DMSG will be expected to increase the number of enrollments by increasing the number of mentors as well as increasing student registrations in the program.

Director of Professional Development

The Director of Professional Development (DPD) will be responsible for liaising with CAPS and planning Discover Science and the Professional Development Conference during Science Week. The DPD will act as a hub between science students and professional resources like career forums, resume workshops, and events pertaining to employment or graduate studies opportunities.

Director of Student Representation

The Director of Student Representation (DSR) will coordinate the meetings of the Representative Assembly of Undergraduate Science Students (RAUSS), and recruit Science students to sit on Science Faculty Council, Excellent Teaching Awards Committee and Faculty Appeals Committee. The DSR will also coordinate and analyze the results of the annual survey, and provide counsel to the VP Academic on relevant issues that arise throughout the year.

The DSR will recruit and manage the Academic Advocacy Team (AAT) and ensure communication with other Academic Directors to assist with human resourcing for events and initiatives. 

VP Administration and Finance

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance (DF) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee financial reviews, maintain transparent financial reporting, write grant applications, and ensure the financial accountability of the ISSS. The DF will assist in the organization and chairing of the Finance Committee and will review all proposals for the ISSS. 

Director of External Relation

The Director of External Relations (DER) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to pursue external sponsorships for the ISSS, lead the External Relations Team, and actively work together with the ISSS’ services and programming leaders to develop strategies for pursuing sponsorships. The Director will demonstrate exceptional communication skills and a strong interest in seeking and interacting with external organizations.

Director of Web Design

The Director of Web Design (DWD) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society’s website; including but not limited to overall web design, graphical design, and updates as necessary. The DWD will assist the Services Directors in the upkeep of Service-specific websites. 

Director of Membership Fees

The Director of Membership Fees (DMF) will be responsible for overseeing the progress and success of the Faculty Association Membership Fees. They will respond to request for SCI 5 Opt Outs and organize the distribution of the SCI 5 Scholarships and Professional Development Grants. The DMF will be organize and guide the Awards Adjudication Committee (AAC) in making fair and balanced decisions in the distribution of the awards. 

Director of Administration

The Director of Administration (DA) will assist the Vice President Administration and Finance with organizational, administrative, and assembly duties. The DA will, for example, organize all office hour shifts and be responsible for the maintenance of office supplies.  They are responsible for ensuring office hour shifts are attended and will inform the Vice President Administration and Finance of all absences. 

VP Community

Director of Volunteers

The Director of Volunteers (DV) recruits, trains, interviews and coordinates all volunteers. They will be responsible for scheduling volunteers for various events held by the ISSS as well as act as a representative of the ISSS by hosting clubs’ fairs. The Director will be the main point of contact for any volunteer requests. They must possess efficient communication skills, be charismatic and able to inspire passion in a volunteer program of more than 100 students. They must have strong leadership skills, public speaking skills and an outgoing personality.

Director of Public Relations

The Director of Public Relations (DPR) publicizes and broadcasts upcoming announcements through short classroom presentations that reach a large part of the Science community. Being one of the ISSS’s substantial bases of communication, classroom presentations are key for outreach of the ISSS to its Science community. During the stressful period of exams, the Director of Public Relations works with the Public Relations Team to encourage studying and bring motivation to work past those finals days with its Study Wizards and study kits. As a representative of the ISSS, the Director of Public Relations must command attention while exhibiting a outgoing, charismatic and approachable personality. This Director will also have to coordinate available times and classes for classroom presentations by the Public Relations Team, thus they must possess organizational skills.

Director of COSSA

The Director of COSSA (DOC) otherwise known as Council of Science Student Associations plays a key role in the development and bond of the Science community as a whole. With a large subdivision of Science groups, the Director of COSSA works closely with each group to forge a strong bond with the ISSS. Keeping in constant contact with the COSSA groups, the Director of COSSA is in charge of managing its meetings and funding for these groups though granting applications. As well, the Director of COSSA directly overlooks booking management of the PCL Lounge. The Director of COSSA must display exceptional communication skills and be outgoing, approachable and open-minded as a forthcoming leader.

VP Programming

Director of Science Week

The Directors of Science Week (DSW) will be the main overseeing director of Science Week which is an on-campus event which consists of a single day conference and daily giveaways/events. This will involve creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event, as well as creating a plan for the  management of volunteers and resources during the event.  The Director of Science Week will also help the Director of Fac Off in the planning and execution of their respective events. The Director of Science Week should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others. Having previous experience in event planning is a major asset. 

Director of Events

The Director of Events is responsible for the Graduation Banquet, Orientation, 

The Directors of Events will be the main overseeing director of the Graduation Banquet which is an off-campus event for graduating science students. This will involve creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event, as well as creating a plan for the management of volunteers and resources during the event.    The Director of Events should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others, previous event planning experience is an asset

The Directors of Events will be the main overseeing director of FROST which is an off-campus event for first year science students which takes place at the beginning of the school year. This will involve creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event, as well as creating a plan for the management of volunteers and resources during the event.  The Director of Events will assist the Vice President Programming in the planning and implementation of Orientation BBQ. The Director of Orientation will assist with all other ISSS events throughout the year as directed by the Vice President Programming. The Director of Events should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others, previous event planning experience is an asset

Director of Athletics

The Director of Athletics (DOA) organizes the ISSS’s multiple intramural teams. They are responsible for training and supporting the captains of the ISSS teams, and ensuring the success of these teams. The Director of Athletics is also responsible for recruiting players through various forms of media and attending Intramural Unit Manager Meetings twice per semester.  The DOA will organize discrete athletics events to support intramurals recruitment and Science-Student Health. The Director of Athletics should have a passion for sports, enjoy working closely with people, and have proficient time management skills.  

Director of Marketing & Design

The Director of Marketing and Design works closely with the VPP and other directors in the Programming portfolio. They are responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies for various ISSS events and initiatives, being the main point of contact for event coordinators. They must have exceptional organizational skills, creativity and be efficient in communications, utilizing the ISSS’s social networks and the ISSS’s monthly newsletter. This Director will have to contact many other members of the ISSS in order to develop the best marketing campaign for each initiative, so they must exude professionalism and charisma. The director is responsible for the development of posters for the marketing of various ISSS events and initiatives to the request of event coordinators within the ISSS. They are a key contact for event coordinators to look to, as posters are a pivotal medium for advertisement. Not only is the Director of Marketing & Design in charge of the production of posters, they formulate document templates, banners, handbills and many other advertising mediums.  The Director of Marketing & Design must work in collaboration with event coordinators and possess experience and knowledge with Photoshop. While exhibiting their own creativity, the Director of Marketing & Design must follow the strict guidelines to reinforce the stability and consistency of the ISSS as a growing organization. The Director of Marketing & Design will be responsible for coordinating photography volunteers and ensuring that photographers are attending all ISSS events. 

Director of Media

The Director of Media is responsible for engaging the ISSS social media on all of our platforms. They will have a great sense of what is relevant to catch the attention of science students. The Director of Media will have an exceptional eye for detail and aesthetics. They will work closely with the entire ISSS team to make sure that all our content is posted in a timely manner and in an engaging, professional, and exciting way. 

VP Services

Director of Locker Rentals

The Director of Lockers will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the locker rental system, the most important income source for the ISSS. They will maintain and update an efficient and accessible system for all students and seek to improve the locker renting experience.This person should be organized, have good conflict-resolution skills, and be passionate about improving services for Science Students.

Director of Mentorship

The Director of Mentorship Programs will be responsible for overseeing the recruitment, training, and pairing of Peer Leaders. They will promote and develop a program that provides useful information to students in a one-on-one mentoring format creating an environment for both informal and formal gatherings to ease the first year transition to university life. This person should be passionate about improving the undergraduate experience, have excellent communication skills, and be interesting in developing fresh and innovate methods of communicating and reaching out to students. 

Director of UBS

The Director of Used Book Sale will be responsible for organizing and overseeing all aspects of the semesterly Used Book Sale. They will ensure that the book sale is efficient and accessible to all students and seek to improve the selling and buying experience. This individual should be organized and show interest in improving services for Science students.

Director of Handbook

The Director of Resources (Handbook) is responsible for all content, development, design, and distribution of the Science Specific Handbook in coordination with a large team of volunteers. They should be organized and available to complete a majority of their project over the summer months for distribution of this resource in September. This person should be motivated, organized, and committed to producing a comprehensive resource for all Science Students.