A major concern for students is access to microwaves in order to allow them to have a healthy and balanced diet while in school. There are numerous areas on campus that students can get access to microwaves.

Below is a list of known public microwaves in major Science buildings and were a lot of Science students have classes. Many other Faculty Associtions, Departmental Associations, and University Clubs have microwaves in their student offices that they allow students to utilize, so check out your respective Science group.

If you know of other microwaves open to public use, are a member of a group who has a microwave open to the public, have suggestions as to where microwaves would be useful, or any questions and concerns regarding ISSS owned and operated microwaves please email [email protected].

Biological Sciences Building

(1) in 4th floor CW Cafeteria

Biological Sciences Building (CAB)

(2) in lower level cafeteria (one on each side)
(1) in south wing by CEB/SAB

Cameron Library

(1) in Pedway between CAB and Cameron Library

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS)

(2) in ISSS Office 1-150

Computer Science Building

(1) in Main Floor Student Lounge (by labs)

Student Union Building (SUB)

(2) by Subway
(1) by Juicy
(2) in Le Express
(2) by recycling bins

Other Microwaves on Campus

(1) in Second Floor ETLC (check out clubs hallway by Tim Hortons)
(1) in Second Floor Humanities
(1) in First Floor ECHA Student Lounge
(1) in Second Floor HMRC