Nicholas Duta

My name is Nicholas, and I am a 3rd-year Physiology student.

Currently, I am a Co-Director of Handbook with the ISSS. I enjoy many

sports in my free time, like biking, tennis and alpine skiing.

We, Science students, fund the ISSS through the 5$ SCI5 fee included

in our tuition. Those five dollars, paid by each of us, allow the ISSS

to offer many services to science students. However, many of us may

need to be made aware of what these services are. They include locker

rentals, microwaves in Science buildings, used book sale, at-cost

printing and The Science Student Handbook.

As your future VP Services, I will strive to ensure that every science

student is aware of these services.

As your future VP Services, I will make sure that the ISSS’ services

are accessible to all of us members.

Lastly, as your future VP Services, I will always be open to new ideas

and feedback to ensure our funds are helping us best.