Ramnik Aojula

My name is Ramnik Aojula and I am running to be your VPAF. I am a fourth-year councillor and a co-director of internal relations for the ISSS. This is my third year in the ISSS, and I’ve learned a lot about the importance of a councillor’s role. This includes holding executives accountable for their respective responsibilities and ensuring Faculty of Science students are represented appropriately. Furthermore, as part of the President’s portfolio, I’ve learned the value of encouraging teamwork within the ISSS in order to foster productive work. As a council member, I understand the importance of financial transparency and allocating the ISSS budget directly to the needs of science students.

By voting for me as VPAF, I would advocate for:

  1. Expanding our funding resources by strengthening relationships with partners and


  1. An interactive ISSS office by making it more personable (adding photos of our events).

This would provide insight into what our organization does when students visit and

offer stress relief activities.

  1. Expanding scholarship opportunities that would provide larger monetary rewards to

science students.