I am very excited to be running for Second Year Councillor on the ISSS Council. This past year, I have been very privileged to serve as your First Year Councillor and Director of Outreach. My dedication to ISSS has allowed me to collaborate with many ISSS volunteers, serve science students and gain a strong understanding of the various services and events that ISSS facilitates.

As a councillor, my ultimate goal would be to help reinforce the integrity of ISSS as a fair, inclusive and helpful association for undergraduate science students. Therefore, my platform centers around the following three points:

  • Inclusion – I aim to amplify the voices of all science students, and advocate for accommodations which increase the accessibility of ISSS events and services
  • Community – I plan to advocate for events that foster meaningful community connections
  • Reliability – I will encourage changes to internal and external operations which make our services more efficient and consistent

If you are looking for an empathetic and capable candidate for Second Year Councillor, please consider voting for Sarjana this Election!