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What is the Sci5 fee?

SCI 5 is a 5 dollar Faculty Association Membership Fee (FAMF) that undergraduate science students pay each semester. It helps fund many of the services provided by ISSS, to undergraduate science students, such as subsidized locker rentals, microwave services, handbooks, Scholarships, Grants, Graduation, ISSS Rewards, Mini Study Groups (MSG), Instructor Appreciation Night, and Science Week events, among others. It also helps provide funding for COSSA groups. 

Every four years, students get to vote on whether they want to keep the SCI 5 fee.  

Why is it important?

Although it is only 5$ per semester, the SCI 5 is extremely important. More than 97%* of all funding collected through the fee is returned to science students through the services mentioned above. The remaining 2 to 3%* is allocated for administrative expenses such as office and website maintenance. Without the fee, all of the services mentioned above would not be possible.

*These numbers may change slightly from year to year



Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can I pay the SCI 5 Fee?

A: If you are an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science, the fee is automatically collected in the Fall and Winter terms, as part of the non-instructional fees in your tuition. Students in a work term as part of the Faculty of Science’s Industrial Internship Program, Visiting Students, and Special Students are exempt from the SCI 5 fee.

Q: Do I need to pay the SCI 5 Fee to be able to apply for scholarships and grants provided by ISSS?

A:  Yes, the SCI 5 Fee is mandatory in order to be eligible for any ISSS scholarships or grants.

Q: Do I need to pay the SCI 5 Fee to access any other ISSS services?

A: Yes, the SCI 5 Fee is required to access all ISSS related services.

Q: Can I opt-out of the SCI 5 fee?

A: The SCI 5 is an optional fee, so you have the option to opt-out of it before the withdrawal deadline for the respective semester. To do so, please follow the opt-out link at the bottom of this page.

Q: If I am not an undergraduate student, or a student in the Faculty of Science, can I pay the SCI 5 fee to access services provided by ISSS?

A: Unfortunately, the SCI 5 fee only applies to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science.


For any further questions or clarifications, please email [email protected].

To opt-out of the SCI 5 Fee please fill out this google form.