Used Book Sale

Sell your books with the ISSS!

We know that buying new textbooks and iClickers can be expensive, and that buyback options don’t return as much of a book’s value as you’d like.The ISSS’s Used Book Sale is a central buying and selling place for Science textbooks and iClickers at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters.

Bring in your textbooks or iClickers to CCIS 1-150 from Jan 8th to 19th, 2018!

How does it work? 

Come by the ISSS office in CCIS 1-150 to drop off textbooks or iClickers that you would like to sell. We will sell your textbooks and iClickers at the price as chosen by you! After the sale ends, you have one week to pickup your unsold books and cheques for your sold books. Ensure that you bring valid photo identification!

Buying books? 

If you would like to buy books, visit PCL lounge (by Second Cup) from Jan 15th to Jan 19th between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Purchases can be made by cash.

Used Book Sale / iClicker Seller’s Contract

This contract outlines rules and regulations which must be followed by all those selling books through the 2017-2018 Used Book Sales. The ISSS executive reserves the right to amend rules and regulations with notice to book sellers.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The ISSS will attempt to sell the seller’s book listed below for the payback prices specified plus a 15% commission on each book.
  2. Sellers acknowledge that they may not take back books before the end of the Used Book Sale.
  3. The seller waives ISSS of any liability in the event of loss or theft of the seller’s books in circumstances beyond the ISSS’s control.
  4. The ISSS will give the seller a cheque amounting to the total payback price of all the seller’s books that have been sold and return any of that seller’s unsold books.
  5. The seller must pick up their cheque and unsold books before the following dates for each Used Book Sale, else, the cheque and books will be forfeit to the ISSS.