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directors & executives


Executives manage the day-to-day affairs of ISSS, and are responsible for representing and advocating for science students. They are selected via elections held in March.​

  • President

  • Vice-President Academic

  • Vice-President Administration & Finance

  • Vice-President Community

  • Vice-President Programming

  • Vice-President Services


Directors are volunteers with the ISSS that are responsible for managing specific projects. Working closely with Executives, Directors develop, improve and support initiatives, get to learn about ISSS and interact with other Directors, volunteers, and Executives, and at the end of the year, will contribute tangibly and positively to the experience of science students. 

Directorship applications open in April.

The list of available directorship
s are listed below, along with the executive portfolio they fall under. You can navigate through the menus for descriptions of duties. 


The Director of Outreach will organize ISSS’s Fall and Winter Semi-Annual General Meetings (SAGM). This involves coordinating SAGM invitations to science students and science departmental groups (COSSA). The Director of Outreach may also be required to collaborate with the Director of Media to recruit members for a Constitution Review Committee if deemed necessary by the 2023-2024 council.

VP Academic

The Director of Academic Programming (DAP) will be implementing programs and organizing events to improve campus community and student experience. The annual Instructor Appreciation Night, coordinated with the Academic Advocacy Team, and smaller events dedicated to encourage students to access campus services available are fielded by the DAP.

VP Administration and Finance

The Director of Finance (DF) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee financial reviews, maintain transparent financial reporting, write grant applications, and ensure the financial accountability of the ISSS. The DF will assist in the organization and chairing of the Finance Committee and will review all proposals for the ISSS. 

VP Community

The Director of Volunteers (DV) recruits, trains, interviews and coordinates all volunteers. They will be responsible for scheduling volunteers for various events held by the ISSS as well as act as a representative of the ISSS by hosting clubs’ fairs. The Director will be the main point of contact for any volunteer requests. They must possess efficient communication skills, be charismatic and able to inspire passion in a volunteer program of more than 100 students. They must have strong leadership skills, public speaking skills and an outgoing personality.

VP Programming

The Directors of Science Week (DSW) will be the main overseeing director of Science Week which is an on-campus event which consists of a single day conference and daily giveaways/events. This will involve creating a proposal, budget, and evaluation for the event, as well as creating a plan for the  management of volunteers and resources during the event.  The Director of Science Week will also help the Director of Fac Off in the planning and execution of their respective events. The Director of Science Week should be a strong leader and enjoy working with others. Having previous experience in event planning is a major asset. 

VP Services

The Director of Lockers will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the locker rental system, the most important income source for the ISSS. They will maintain and update an efficient and accessible system for all students and seek to improve the locker renting experience.This person should be organized, have good conflict-resolution skills, and be passionate about improving services for Science Students.

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