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Who are we?



Our mission is to unite all science students and to foster a strong and vibrant community through service and advocacy.

The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society is an inclusive and transparent science faculty association existing to offer useful services, to connect its diverse membership, and to advocate so that science students may enjoy an enriching and valuable undergraduate experience. It aims to accomplish this task through the following objectives:

Law Office

Representation and Advocacy

  • Liase science students to the Faculty of Science and the University of Alberta Community

  • Advocate regarding issues important to science students

  • Conduct affairs transparently

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  • Provide useful services that enrich the undergraduate experience

  • Cultivate professional development that benefits students beyond an academic context

  • Introduce and transition students into the Faculty of Science

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  • Foster unity and identity among science students from different disciplines

  • Coordinate and provide funding and support to science groups

  • Improve student awareness, involvement and interest in their faculty 

ISSS Constitution
Committee minutes
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