This is a brand-new initiative by ISSS that allows you to collect points that you can later redeem for prizes!

If you have not signed up for it, feel free to sign up here:

About ISSSRewards

ISSSRewards is the primary way you can be rewarded for engaging with your science faculty association! Signing up is quick and easy, simply register by clicking the link below, enter your email and name, and you’re all set! We’ll handle the logistics while you’ll be free to begin earning some points (called ISSSicles). Once you have enough, redeem these ISSSicles for a variety of cool prizes that are consistently being updated based on your feedback. It’s that easy!


At this point, you might be wondering how you actually earn points. We’ve made a handy infographic that shows the multitude of different ways you can start earning ISSSicles right here: . Some examples include attending ISSS events, interacting with ISSS social media accounts, completing science-student specific surveys, and of course much more! Anytime you’ve earned some ISSSicles, a code will be sent to you which can then be entered using the “Redeem Points” form below. Someone on the ISSSRewards team will then go ahead and add those points to your overall balance. If you want to know how many points you’ve accumulated at any time, simply submit a request using the “Check Points” form (also below) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the details. Once the ISSSRewards website has finished development, all the ISSSicles you’ve earned will be transferred and you’ll be able to login to view your total point balance at any time.


And what’s the point of points if you can’t redeem them for prizes afterwards? That’s where the “rewards” part of ISSSRewards comes in! Check out the image below for a general overview of the prizes we’re offering at the moment. As mentioned earlier, these prize options will constantly be changing to better reflect the users of ISSSRewards (that’s you!). To redeem your ISSSicles for a reward, just use the “Redeem Prizes” form below and choose a prize. We’ll reach out to you via email to sort out the details.


As the program is still in its infancy, watch out for frequent updates to ISSSRewards and the launch of a specialized ISSSRewards website, which will make the whole process much more convenient and easier to use without all the pesky forms (don’t worry, all your account details will be transferred over once the website is up).
So, ready to join? Our only restriction is that non-science students are ineligible to participate. Otherwise, there’s no catch! You can start earning as soon as you sign-up.


If you have any further questions or want to offer feedback as we begin rolling out the program, please feel free to reach out to your marketing directors Mehul and Sonica at [email protected].

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The sooner you join, the sooner you can start collecting points!

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